How to Change Your Inner Dialogue

How to Change Your Inner Dialogue


How do you change your inner dialogue?

That may be the most common question we receive.

Because the world is waking up.

To the fact that no amount of GOAL SETTING, HUSTLE or POSITIVE THINKING is ever going to help you succeed.

Not if that voice in your head keeps making you doubt yourself.

Or feel unworthy.

Call you fat, lazy, stupid, not good enough or unlucky.

This was our highest watched show ever.

And for good reason.

Because we pull no punches and tell you the truth.

About the nonsense “motivational gurus” and how much they’re HURTING your efforts to succeed.

But most importantly…

… What you need to do in order to change the inner dialogue that’s keeping you stuck, scared and playing small.

This was huge for the people who tuned in live (as you’ll see in the comments).

And we promise.

It will be huge for you, too.

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Brian & Carrie

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