How to Become a Professional Coach

How to Become a Professional Coach


We’re going to keep this very short and very sweet.

It’s rainy and cold up here in the Laurentian Mountains…

… Which means we’re going to kick back by the fire and enjoy some nice, nutty coffee (but wanted to get this email to you first!).

Liz Gilinger is a soon-to-be graduate of our “Eliminate Your Limits – Coaching Certification” program.

And, we also just hired her as our company’s brand new “Master Coach”

An amazing woman full of passion and insight, we’d love you to take a moment to watch her explain what this coaching certification has meant to her… Both personally and professionally.

Now, we experienced a few technical hiccups in the early part of this video (below), but once we got rolling, it was all smooth sailing and incredible content.

Liz helps us explain just how powerful this “Eliminate Your Limits” coaching program is and why it may be precisely what you’ve been looking for…

… But if you’d rather just receive the information and details instead of watching the video, hit “REPLY” to this email and tell us.

We’ll connect with you ASAP (you know, as soon as our nice, nutty coffee is done!!!).

Here’s Liz >>>

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