How to Become a Certified Mindset Coach

How to Become a Certified Mindset Coach


We’ll be honest.

We see a lot of shenanigans in the coaching/mindset industry.

Yep, shenanigans!

Here’s why:

We believe there are two purposes for a coach:

  1. To help the client change their internal perspective of the world and their place in it, and
  2. To help them extend that perspective into new behaviors that are empowering and sustainable

Simple, right?

Yet here’s where the industry goes wrong:

It’s turned into a crazy, pump-up, ‘motivation-fuelled’, jump up and down, “JUST DO IT!” mantra.

And hey, we get it. The phrase, “Just do it” has some use. It’s good to get off the sofa and walk 5k.

Or to start that business you wanted.

Or to start (or end) that relationship you’ve longed for.

“Just do it”.


. . . but that’s only the start.

The REAL way to help people is to help them “just do it” over and over and over again – while helping them see a more enjoyable and fulfilling perspective of the journey.

That’s where the industry falls short.

We have a different perspective on what it means to be a coach – and how to do it.

We talk ALL about that on Episode 320 of Brian & Carrie Live in the Morning!


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