How to be a “Warrior” – a personal message from Brian…

How to be a “Warrior” - a personal message from Brian…


How to be a “Warrior” – a personal message from Brian…

“Warrior Culture”

That’s the ethos for my physical training and fitness.

The motivation that gets me going and keeps me going.

But it took me years to understand that.

A lot of painful, frustrating years.

Because I used to go to the gym almost like a robot.

Without a direct or specific goal.

Much more to the point, without a direct or specific goal that spoke to me.

And that’s the reality you’re likely facing in at least one part of your life.

I’d go to the gym and “dabble”.

Sometimes, I’d lift some heavy shit.

Other times, I’d do bodyweight stuff.

Never really taking either terribly seriously.

And getting results that we exactly in line with my lack of focus, direction and tenacity (meaning, I didn’t really get much in the way of results, at all).

I wanted to care how I looked in spandex.

I wanted to flash photos of my 6-pack on social media so everyone could “like” them.

I wanted to do a “12-week transformation”, end up competing in some kind of physique show and hope that would be the catalyst I needed to keep consistent with my training and nutrition.

But truth is, I didn’t really want any of that.

I guess I felt like I was supposed to want it.

In part because like you, I got influenced by what I saw every single day on social media. 

So for years, I floated through training (and diet) fooling myself the entire time.

And every time I “cheated” on my diet, opted out of the gym on any given day or changed my mind as it related to what aspect of fitness I was going to focus on, I called myself a failure.



I convinced myself that I didn’t have what it took to make the fitness lifestyle a priority in my world.

To look the way I thought I wanted to look.

I’d beat myself up for it constantly and reduce my own self-worth to a pile of crap.

“Warrior Culture” changed all that.

For me, those two words mean everything.

I don’t train to look good in spandex.

I don’t train to have a 6-pack.

I don’t choose foods based on making sure the veins in my biceps pop.

And I don’t cycle my calories in order to best optimize fat loss.

I train to defend myself and my family at all costs and under any circumstances.

I eat the foods required to fuel myself for the work I do, recover from the intensity of that work and ensure my body is in as top a functional state as it can be at all times.

Until the day I die, I intend to be both equipped and prepared to remove someone’s head from their body if they make the mistake of giving me no choice.

My brand of fitness lifestyle, training and nutrition may have ZERO attractiveness to you…

… But that’s the point.

I floundered, failed, fizzled and flopped for YEARS because I didn’t truly know what I wanted.

Years ago, going to the gym for 30 minutes felt like a real pain-in-the-ass in my day.

Preparing meals for the week, a serious annoyance.

And phrases like “I need more willpower”, “I don’t have time” or “I’m lazy” circled my thoughts non-stop.

Now, I train multiple times every week without even considering whether or not I’m in the middle of a busy day.

My meal prep is both exciting and easy.

And I’ve never been this strong, mobile or fight-ready in my life.

My results grew with my clarity.

And my clairy came because I finally understood ME.

Maybe you’re feeling this on a fitness level.

My words are an echo of the exact same frustrations you’ve had for weeks, months or years related to your own training and nutrition.

Or maybe this is hitting you from a business and career standpoint.

You’ve stopped and started 50,000 times.

Changed your mind.

Re-shifted your efforts.

Altered strategies.

And most likely, convinced yourself along the way that you’re destined to be a failure.



Even told yourself that you don’t have what it takes to succeed.

So I’m just going to tell you flat out that you’re wrong.

You just don’t know yourself well enough yet.

And until you do, nothing is ever going to “work” on any level that matches the dreams and goals you have.

But as soon do, you’ll experience success and results in a way that feels absolutely effortless.


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