Highlight Reel or Editing Room?

Highlight Reel or Editing Room?

Hello (we say through a couple of cheeky smiles 😉 )

You may not know us very well yet.

So we decided to do something about that.

But before we say even one more word, we wanted to take a moment to assure you of something…


Over the next week or so, we’ll pop you an email every few days just so you can get to know us better.

But we absolutely promise…. ZERO annoying messages asking you to “BUY OUR STUFF”!!!

We just want to show you around our lives a bit so you can get a flavor for just how “real” we are.

Cool… Now that you know the “fine print” 😉

We want to tell you a bit about our story…

… And why our story could have a MASSIVE impact on your life, happiness and success.

The thing is, we want to open our lives up to you (and for you).

Open them in that honest, authentic, vulnerable way that can end up being a combination of inspiring, confusing, enthralling, scary and alarming all at the same time.

Because… That’s life, isn’t it?

Sometimes we’re FIRED UP to CREATE and WIN.

Other times, we’re UNCERTAIN and AFRAID of the FUTURE.

That makes us human.

Like you.

But unlike a lot of other people who sit in the place we sit, we have no intention of sugar-coating it.

Positioning it just right so that all you see is the “highlight reel” version of our days.

So we’ll be honest when we say this –

Our story starts off and looks an awful lot like a “Fairytale Romance”.

But behind the curtain, it wasn’t always like that.

We became a couple in February of 2010.

By April, we had to sell one of our cars so we could pay our monthly bills.

By June, our days were all about arguing and fighting.

By August, we were both considering moving and saying goodbye to each other forever.

That’s the backstory.

The editing room floor against the backdrop of our highlight reel.

We were broke and near broken.

Was it a struggle?


Did we spend countless nights working into the wee hours building our now profitable and fulfilling business (even though we had no idea or guarantee if it was going to pay off)?


Were we determined to keep the seeds of our storybook love sacred and from that, create a relationship that could easily become a movie?


We have no problem saying any of that…

… But feel no need to romanticize it, either.

And that’s the point.

“HUSTLE”, “STRUGGLE” and “SACRIFICE” are words that get thrown around an awful lot by people trying to convince you that they’re all you need to have success on any level.

But hustle, struggle and sacrifice WEREN’T the difference makers for us.

The way we THOUGHT was.


There are TOO MANY ‘motivators’ who tell you to hustle.

TOO MANY ‘gurus’ who teach you to embrace the struggle.

TOO MANY ‘windbags’ who seem to wear their sacrifices like a badge of honor.

And TOO MANY ‘experts’ who teach you how to succeed.

But there are NOT NEARLY ENOUGH ‘teachers’ who explain to you WHY YOU AREN’T SUCCEEDING.

We had the hustle down pat.

We had the struggle and sacrifice firmly in place.

But it’s not until we changed THE WAY WE THOUGHT that EVERYTHING changed.

In business.

In our relationship.

In life.

You DO NOT need to learn more…

… You need to stop getting in the way of USING the stuff YOU ALREADY KNOW.

We’d love you to hear more of our backstory.

For YEARS, we lived through the same kinds of experiences that we know you’ll relate to.


They’re mean.



And… They FORCE you to play smaller in life than you really want to.

But for us, it wasn’t at all about “HATING THE HATERS” or “REACTING” to their venom.

It was about learning the art of self-confidence (on a level that NO ONE else teaches).

We’d like to share that part of us with you.

If you click on the link below, it will take you to our blog.

We recorded a video that introduces us and our story in a really intimate way.


Watch above and let us tell you everything that you’d want to know.

And by the way…

… PLEASE leave a comment!!

We’d love to hear from you, answer any question you may have or just say “hi”!!

Brian & Carrie.

P.S. – What do we do? And MUCH more importantly…

… How can what we do have a staggering impact on YOUR ability to have what you want in life? We’ll tell you all the details… In 2 days!

P.P.S – We recorded this video from our cell phone… NOT because we’re cheap or don’t like producing fancy videos, but because we wanted to give you a real glimpse of “us” without all the bells and whistles.

Sometimes, “real” is just way better…

Brian & Carrie

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