From unfulfilled to wealthy in 5 steps

From unfulfilled to wealthy in 5 steps


From unfulfilled to wealthy in 5 steps

7 years ago, we were unhappy and VERY unfulfilled in life.

Now, we’re the exact opposite.

And these are the 5 things we did to change it all.


Yes.  Everyone says this on Facebook.

But VERY FEW actually do it.  

Because “doing it” involves more than just saying it.

The reason you compare yourself to others (and the reason we used to do the same) is because your self-worth isn’t where it needs to be.

No.  That’s not a popular thing to say.

It doesn’t make you want to “LIKE” or “SHARE” this post necessarily.

But it is the truth.

We had to learn how to “Count Our Wins” and “Flip Our Perspective” daily.

The action of which completely changed what we “saw” every single day (literally and metaphorically).

Notice we said “action” in the sentence above.

Changing your perspective involves simple mindset-based exercises performed consistently.

It DOESN’T involve pretending your manifesting good vibes or hoping that by posting motivational statuses, your opinion of yourself will change.

Which leads us to point #2…


Like #1, this one may not be very popular.

Because it flies in the face of what so many “guru’s” try to do on Facebook.

Which is talk about superficial positivity all the time.

Before knowing what medication you need, a doctor must diagnosis the source of the problem.

Before knowing how many calories you need to eat in order to lose weight, you must HONESTLY assess how many calories you’re eating now.

That theme is an easy one to crack if you’re prepared to hear it.

In order to find happiness and fulfillment, you simply must decide to tell the truth in order to understand why you aren’t those things right now.

And not just try to cosmetically “Band-Aid” them with positive affirmations.

We I decided to stop shielding ourselves – and each other – from the truth.

So started listening to our language (self-talk) and emotional profile (how we felt).

Truth is, you speak to yourself with more nastiness and hate than you’d ever want to admit in public.

And you’re more angry, frustrated, afraid and sad on a regular basis then you likely realize.

Simply listening for that and accepting it changed our lives forever.


We saw a meme the other day that speaks to this.

It said “following your passion is a great way to ensure you’ll only ever make $30,000 a year”.

And that’s complete bullshit.

Factually, every business we’ve created since deciding to follow our hearts has succeeded (yes, I mean financially).

But MUCH more than that, every aspect of what we’ve done in business (and life) since adopting this particular ethos has been FUN.

If life is not a fun, joyous adventure, what is it?

And we mean that sincerely.

But let us speak to the other side of this coin for a second.

Because “follow your passion” oftens gets confused with “don’t do shit, but pretend you’re having a ball”.

Business, fitness, athletics… ANYTHING you want to succeed in requires hard work, consistency, discipline and certain degrees of sacrifice.

But if “fun” and “passion” are not at the foundation of what you do, hard work, consistency, discipline and sacrifice all become a stranglehold that slowly chokes your entire life.

Before becoming a follower, disciple or lemming of any particular entrepreneur, athlete or celebrity, DON’T ask yourself if you’d want their money, physique or success.

Instead, ask if you’d want their LIFE.

That single question carries more revealing answers than you realize.


“Just look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re happy”

“Write down your negative thoughts and then burn the piece of paper”

Please – we beg you – don’t fall victim to that kind of stupidity.

The human brain and mind are incredibly complex instruments that can change to align with your desired happiness, fulfillment and success levels…

… But not if you’re going to do whittle it down to fortune cookie advice.

You have a conscious brain.

You also have an unconscious mind.

And that unconscious mind is the literal engine that creates your reality.

Your perceptions, belief systems and expectations all live in your unconscious.

And together, they combine to catalyze the actions you take every single day.

Which end up defining your habits and behaviors.

You – like us, and every other person on the planet – have a “bias filter” that takes incoming data from the world around you and “spins” it to align with the self-identity you currently have.


You don’t see the world as IT is.

You see the world as YOU are.

Change your unconscious mindset, you change EVERYTHING.

But that can’t and won’t be accomplished through nonsense exercises that don’t come close to repositioning the unconscious source of your problems, stresses or fears.  


WIthout lip-service.

Without bullshit.

And without using the excuse that we don’t have time.

The first 3 hours of our day – every day – are spent together.

First we learn something new about business, spirituality, history or art (our favorite topics) and then teach it to the other person.

Then, we do mobility and flexibility exercises together.

Lastly, we spend a full 60-minutes on journaling, win counting and discussing our current day, future intentions and how we’re building the bridge to get us from point A to point B.




Every morning.


Mutually, our very favorite time in any given 24 hour cycle.

As entrepreneurs, parents and athletes, it was REALLY easy for YEARS to keep telling ourselves that we didn’t have time for this kind of luxury.

Which means we sowed the same kind of bullshit that you likely do, yourself.

Nothing you ever want in life is going to be convenient.

But that’s a really bad reason to not pursue it.

We MADE this sacred routine in our day convenient by creating SPACE for it, not TIME.

And our businesses have soared as a result.

Our kids are happier, more engaged in life and successful because of it.

Our fitness levels have increased beyond measure.

Our happiness and fulfillment have reached levels we never dreamed were possible 7 years ago.

And if 3 hours isn’t nearly possible for you (which is totally fair) start with 10 minutes of focused, dedicated and attentive time… If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life.

5 things.

We hope you use them well.

Brian & Carrie

P.S. – Please… Let us know which point speaks to you the most?  Tell us below.

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