Fight your demons?

Fight your demons?


Fight your demons?

We were just sitting here thinking about something that we felt you needed to hear…

… DON’T “fight” your demons.

Instead, learn to calmly understand them. .

That’s not as sexy as the “CALL TO ARMS” testosterone that people love to “like” on Facebook.

But in the end, it’s wildly more effective.

“Fighting” anything perpetuates a fight.


So whether you like it or not, think it or not or believe it or not, when you choose to “fight” and “beat” those inner demons you have, all you truly do is insight them.

Give them more strength and energy.

But would you believe us if I told you that those demons are there for a reason?

That they can give you an INCREDIBLE and POWERFUL look into the mindset of what truly is holding you back in life?

You can “fight” the rushing current of the water…

… Or you can wise up and “fix” the hole in the dam that’s giving it easy access.

Your choice.

But if you choose to “fight”, be prepared to keep your gloves on.

Because the water’s going to keep flowing.

No matter how many times you beat it back temporarily.

Brian & Carrie

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