Eliminate Your Limits: 3-Step Process

How to eliminate your limits (3 steps)


Eliminate Your Limits: 3-Step Process

(1) Set Your Morning.

This isn’t about writing out what you’re grateful for.

It’s not about repeating positive affirmations.

And it has nothing to do with putting on a happy face even if you feel like complete crap.

But it IS about re-conditioning the way you think and establishing a new story of worth and success in your unconscious mind.

The process couldn’t be more simple.

Spend the first 5 – 10 minutes of your day writing out your inspiration statements.

The one-line sentences that speak to what it is you are in the process of accomplishing in business, fitness, relationships and life.

Then, note 2 – 3 objectives that you intend to do that day in order to move you closer to achieving what it is you want.

That’s it.

Within days of doing this, you’ll start to notice 3 really important things –

(a) Your morning thoughts will be very fixed and focused on the goals you have and your self-doubt will notably start to fade away.

(b) Throughout the day, your goals – as well as the objectives you set out for the day to accomplish – will be top of your mind. Meaning, without realizing it, you’ll naturally start to think about your goals on a very, very regular basis.

(c) In concert with (b), your actions, decisions, habits and behaviors every day will start to align with those goals. Which means you’ll be taking more action, more often.

(2) Count Your Wins.

Most people count their scars every single night.

Either to themselves quietly, or out loud to whoever will listen.

“You should have seen the traffic this morning…”

“What an exhausting day…”

“I don’t know how I’m going to get through the rest of this week…”

That’s counting your scars.

(Everyone does it, so don’t plead innocent).

But the fallout of this kind of complain-oriented habit day-in and day-out is way more disastrous than you likely realize.

You’re literally training your brain to see the challenges of life.

Conditioning it – and you – to become more mindful of the difficulties you face, rather than progress you’re making.

And that bleeds into the actions you take (or DON’T take).

When you see things as difficult, you make them more difficult.

When you see goals as insurmountable and obstacle-filled, you create even larger hurdles for yourself to navigate.

“Counting Wins’ isn’t about pretending difficulties and challenges don’t exist, it’s about re-training your mindset to focus more on the steps you ARE taking towards achieving what you want.

So, every single night, re-open your journal to that morning’s entry and put a big fat check mark beside the objectives you accomplished.

Then, itemize – in point form – the things you did that day that were good.



Anything and everything that was positive about your day (no matter how seemingly insignificant).

Truth is, the human brain remembers and reacts MUCH more to negative events than it does positive ones…. So we must re-train that natural tendency by putting positive events and accomplished objectives at the top of our mind before going to bed.

3 major reasons why –

(a) While you sleep, your unconscious mind WILL dwell on something. If you had a tough day and complained about it all night, then that’s EXACTLY what your unconscious will mull over (and over and over) while you sleep. On the other hand, if you purposefully and intentionally count the quality, positive and worthwhile moments of your day before going to bed, you begin to assimilate a new story into your unconscious… The effects of which are enormous.

(b) In accordance with (a), you will start waking up more refreshed, renewed and excited for the day to come. And yes…. It seriously works that powerfully.

(c) Quite simply, you will begin restructuring the perspective you have for life. When you complain, all you see is the negative. When you count wins, you re-train your brain to see primarily the positives. That alone is an absolute life-changer when it comes to eliminating the limits that keep you stuck.

(3) Prepare for Tomorrow –

Most people wake up and let life happen to them.

And we can’t think of a worse way to begin a day.

No, you can’t control every aspect of your life all the time, but you certainly CAN take charge of how you want your day to go… And what you want to accomplish in a given day.

Every evening – right after you’re finished “Counting Wins” – prepare for tomorrow.

What time will you wake up?

What is the order of things that will happen once your feet hit the floor?

What do you want to put into your thoughts in the shower, while eating breakfast, on the drive to work?

What major tasks do you intend to accomplish tomorrow?

What order do you choose to accomplish them in?

Those are a few examples of how you can “Prepare for Tomorrow” and ensure that your days are organized, structured and productive.

The process isn’t about becoming so rigid that you can’t breathe or will fall to pieces if ‘life happens’ and you have to abandon your plans midday.

But it WILL give you a tremendous sense of direction and focused attention towards what you want to accomplish, how you want to accomplish it and when it will be accomplished.

Again… 3 powerful reasons –

(a) Going to bed with a working knowledge of what tomorrow will bring is undeniably important. Far too many people have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep because they’re worried or uncertain about the next day.

(b) Preparation is 50% or more of success. In sports, fitness, business – you name it – people who succeed on a regular basis are the ones who prepare to do so. This alone makes the action of taking the time to prepare for tomorrow a no-brainer.

(c) Checks and balances matter. Some days, you simply won’t get everything done that you set out to do. Other days, you’ll actually go above and beyond. But by taking this exercise seriously, you can begin charting your own productivity habits. Eliminating your limits begins by actually KNOWING where your limits are… Start to notice trends that appear related to how much you actually get accomplished in a given day and adjust accordingly to increase your efficiency even more.

Yes…. Your self-limiting beliefs ARE holding you back (the experts aren’t wrong).

But start using these 3-Steps tomorrow and begin the process of eliminating your limits for good.

Does this help?

Let us know in the comments below…

Brian & Carrie

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