Don’t START the race… FINISH it!

Don’t START the race… FINISH it!


Don’t START the race… FINISH it!

December 2, 2015

At the halfway point of the 1968 Summer Olympic marathon, John Stephen Akhwari fell.

His knee joint dislocated.

Over one hour after Mamo Wolde won Gold, Akhwari limped across the finish line.

Dead last among the 57 other competitors.

Only a handful of spectators remained in the stadium.

The sun, long since set.

A single camera crew was dispatched from the medal ceremony to cover the occasion when word flew throughout the Olympic venues in Mexico City, that there was one more runner yet to cross the finish line.

Interviewed sometime later, John Stephen Akhwari was asked why he kept running.

Through agony.

With no possible hope of medalling.

His answer has been stinging in both of us ever since we first heard this story years ago.

“My country did not send me 5,000 miles to start the race… They sent me 5,000 miles to finish it”

It’s very possible that no one will see the effort you put in today.

Even more likely they won’t ever know just how much strain, hardship or adversity you may feel with each and every step taken on the journey.

But in the end, the intentions you work for today will become the legacy you leave tomorrow.

You weren’t given the gift of life to fall and stay stuck

You were given it to get up and keep moving.

Brian & Carrie

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