Do you want to be one of our coaches?

Do you want to be one of our coaches?


Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world (after tech).

Because of that,  “life coaches” are everywhere!

And when the place gets saturated with coaches, often the quality and experience of those coaches can drop.

That’s why we decided to ensure that the standard of quality remains high, anyway we could.

We did that by creating our OWN standard.

Based on 20 years of combined experience.

Based on our work in psychology, counselling and mentoring thousands of people successfully.

And we decided that every one of our new coaches must go through a developmental program that passes this experience & skills to them effectively.

…but that’s not all.

Our coaches are also required to have taken their own journey.

Because- coaches need to take their own journey in order to help others through theirs.

One such coach is Michelle.

We met Michelle in July 2014. She instantly became one of Carrie’s clients and immersed herself in the methods behind EYL (Eliminate Your Limits) programs.

And now?

Michelle is one of our senior coaches on the B&C Team.

She’s fast tracking her career in the industry.

Rapidly becoming one of the most effective coaches in the industry.

And today – she’s sharing her story.

From her own life challenges . . . and the journey she took to work on herself, before now helping others transform their lives too.

So join us for this live interview with Michelle where she shares her story

Watch right now > >

<3 B & C


You’ll also learn more about how to become a B&C Coach, and start your own life-altering journey.

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