Do you mind if we swear? But for a really good reason…

Do you mind if we swear? But for a really good reason…


Do you mind if we swear? But for a really good reason…

If you’re having a shit day, do yourself a favor and read this…

We like a good ‘motivator’ as much as anyone.

Those inspiring videos that tell you all is possible.

Inciting posters that contain really provoking quotes.

Posts about ‘climbing the ladder of success’ or ‘overcoming obstacles’.

Not only do we enjoy them, we often share them ourselves.

But here’s the thing.

Shit days, shit moments or shit feelings don’t ever get solved by stuff like that.

No matter how much we ‘like’, ‘share’ or ‘comment’ on them.

Negative states of mind aren’t natural. They must be produced through the assistance of your perspective.

A perspective you’re choosing to have.

And unless we reconcile with that fact, we’re going to keep chasing the temporary ‘feel-goods’ that don’t actually help us create lasting change.

Because the crash is inevitable.

You can drink your problems away.

Emotionally eat yourself out of the shit feelings.

You can even engage in more ‘healthy’ forms of deflection like obsessive exercise.

But in the end, when the momentary high wears off, you’ll find yourself right back where you were and in need of another fix to take it all away.

Our lives are a walking testament to that cycle.

We used to drink more than we should.

Eat as an avoidance mechanism.

Exercise fanatically.

And in between, we would blame other people, bemoan our circumstances and act as though no one on earth was facing the kinds of stresses that seemed to plague us nonstop.

One day, we decided to quit reaching for the quick-fix.

We opted to take control of life by recognizing that our perspective was the guilty party.

That any shit day, shit moment or shit feeling we had really didn’t have to do with anyone or anything else.

That realization – and that alone – is where it all started to change for the better.

We apologize for the curse words.

And are sorry if this post forces you to take more responsibility than you may want.

Sure, we would have loved to given you that quick-fix today…

… But we’re about helping you create lasting change.

Not just diverting your attention for a few minutes.

Brian & Carrie

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