Do NOT accept the “odds”

Do NOT accept the “odds”


This is Brian speaking.

And I have a REALLY important message for you today.

The photo I’m talking about below can be found right here >>>

Over the age of 40, your metabolism slows down.

Which makes getting lean virtually impossible.

And you certainly can’t gain muscle.

(^^^ All of which is complete bullshit ^^^)

The first picture (“superman”) was taken exactly 6 weeks ago today.

I was at the very end of a 12-month growth phase and weighed 255 pounds.

The second picture (“green”) was taken yesterday.

Precisely 6-weeks into a 4-month cut phase and I currently weigh 238 pounds.

By the time it’s all said and done, I’ll likely be hovering around 225.


And carrying quality muscle.

All because I choose to call “bullshit” on what society says is possible.

More than you know, you’re being held back by an invisible and powerful force called “influence”.

The defining wisdom that the majority of the world has accepted as truth…

… And quietly, but certainly makes YOUR reality.

What’s possible for your life.

Your business.

Your happiness.

Your relationships.

Your self-actualization.

Should have NOTHING to do with what the majority says is right.

Call bullshit.

On all of it.

Success – in anything – isn’t about “beating the odds”.

It’s about refusing to accept that odds exist.

Brian & Carrie

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