Do GUILT & SHAME control your life?

Do GUILT & SHAME control your life?


How to STOP letting guilt and shame control your life…

Please, watch this (one of the most widely viewed videos we’ve ever done) –

Guilt and shame are painful emotions.

They steal your joy.

Destroy your peace.

And leave you literally incapable of achieving the goals you set.

(not to mention make it very challenging to live a happy, fulfilled life).

In many ways, we were SHOCKED to see how many people resonated with this video.

It was surprising to witness just how many people feel limited and suffocated by the guilt and shame that springs up in their lives.

Years ago, guilt and shame were things that created HAVOC in our relationship, in our business and even in our fitness pursuits.

Until we created a solution.

And it worked.


Brian & Carrie

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