We’ve been told that we need to explain stuff.  What kind of stuff, you ask?  
We’re not sure to be honest.  
But our 13 year old is a crack computer wiz, so sometimes, we just ask him to Google things for us (you know, instead of hiring really expensive lawyers).  

So it seems, you need to know that every once in a while, we’ll suggest people, places, products or services to you.  And that sometimes in those sometimes, we get compensated for those suggestions.  So, now you know.  

Also, we really believe in personal responsibility.  A lot.  Which means that even though we offer ideas, thoughts, concepts, tools and exercises, we fully expect you to use them well.  For the power of good.  The “right” side of the Force, for example.  Because in the end, all we really want to do is help.  Fully.  

So, now you know that, too.  Bottom line, we take your trust of us seriously and wouldn’t ever to anything to compromise that.  Ever…