Dear every entrepreneur…

Dear every entrepreneur…


Dear every entrepreneur…

You’ve either convinced yourself (or have been convinced by someone else) that the path to success is paved by “How”.

How do you become successful?

How do you market?

How do you create systems?

And that “How” has spun you in circles.

Frustrated you.

More than likely, taken you away as far as possible from being true to your most authentic self.

So maybe you’ve wised up and started realizing that “Why” is actually more important than “How”.

It really isn’t about “How” you’re going to make money, it’s about “Why” you want to.

Your “Why” is a catalyst.

A much stronger, more directed beacon of light that illuminates the right direction with your business.

Indeed, “Why” is more important than “How”.

But here’s the big missing factor.

The next level sauce that virtually every entrepreneur misses.


NOT “Who” is your target market.

Your ideal customer.

Or your specific niche.

“Who” are YOU.

There is a spiritual nature to that question.

An unconscious, mindset shift that needs to happen in order to truly understand the in’s and out’s of “Who” you are.

But even MORE critical than that, is the “Who” related to your life.

Prospects don’t really buy your information.

They don’t truly buy your products or services.

They buy YOU.

That’s the commodity they’re after.

But that’s also the commodity you ignore the most.

60% of your working days are spent on “How” (lead generation, funnels etc.)

30% of your working days are spent trying to articulate your “Why” (blogs, facebook posts etc.)

The remaining 10%?

On you.

Becoming the greatest version of yourself you possibly can be.

Here’s the problem…

… 10% isn’t enough.

You’ve been running the entrepreneurial rat race for too long.

And you’re exhausted.

So you miss workouts.

Have every intention in the world to meditate daily, journal daily or engage in self-growth daily, but more often than not, skip it because of fatigue or ‘lack of time’.

You heed the success experts advice and start waking up earlier than the sun, but end up filling it with more “How” tasks.

We know the road well because we struggled with it for YEARS.

The true key to FREEDOM is about spending less time, but with more direction.

Fewer hours with increased focus.

Counter-intuitive to say the least.

And not an easy transition to make (or even understand fully within the scope of a single message like this one).

Just remember…

… They buy “you”. And right now, you’re not NEARLY as attractive a commodity as you could be.

This is precisely how we changed everything for ourselves.

It worked (and it’s worked for countless other entrepreneurs just like you).

Have a look >>>

Brian & Carrie

Brian & Carrie

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