Change Your Perspective with ONE Exercise

Change Your Perspective with ONE Exercise


I went “solo” today.

I had no choice.

Carrie’s globe-trotting through Florida and Arizona as you’re reading this.

(And in case you haven’t figured it out just yet, this is Brian!)

With my wife and WAY better half away for the week, I decided to premier our new show “Brian SANS Carre – In the Morning” (<<< See what I did there?!?)

Truth be told, I received more “thank you” messages after this episode than I could open or respond to in one day.

Maybe because this video (below) is just so raw.

Maybe it’s because I connect wisdom from Buddha to modern-day science in a way that no one has ever explained before.

Or maybe it’s because I was so vulnerable about my truth.

And in doing so, gave unconditional permission for every single person watching to feel the same.

How to change your perspective with ONE exercise.

One of my very favorite episodes ever –

Just click here >>>

B & C|
(^^^ well, just “B” today!)

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