Can a relationship be ‘effortless’, or is it always a battle?

Can a relationship be ‘effortless’, or is it always a battle?


“It wasn’t until seeing you guys that I saw the possibility of what a happy relationship looks like. Otherwise influence has shown me that it’s about being scared to be on your own, for money, and ‘security’.” – Michelle

^^ That’s a comment we had on our live show the other day.

And this is pretty common.

We haven’t been shown what a fulfilling, happy, EFFORTLESS relationship can be.

So most don’t even think its possible.

Which begs a question…

Where did you get YOUR stories about relationships?

How did you define what they are, or aren’t?

What stories are programmed into your mind about the ‘reality’ of relationships?

It’s a critical question. Because we all have stories about what a relationship ‘should be’.

And if your relationships are NOT working as great as they could be, you can bet your bottom-dollar you have a story about it that doesn’t serve you.

Ready to fix that?

You need to watch this >>>
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