Because we wanted to have sex…

Because we wanted to have sex...


Because we wanted to have sex…

“Because we want to have sex…”

And now, the backstory…

In May of this year, we attended one of those really swanky, really exclusive mastermind weekends.

It was hosted at a luxurious resort in Arizona.

We stayed at a plush condo onsite (not just a hotel room).

Met some of the most brilliant and wonderful people on the planet.

Had our minds BLOWN by incredible content.

And connected on a very deep level with other attendees.

An epic experience in every way.

After 2 full days of 16 hours worth of information, introductions and inspiration, the event concluded with an exclusive invitation back to the HOME of one of the most well-known and successful marketing personalities on the planet.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to say the least.

But we opted to politely declined.

Not at all because we didn’t recognize the potential business opportunity.

Not because we’re self-absorbed idiots.

And not because we didn’t feel worthy of such an esteemed invite.

Simply, because we know ourselves well…

… And STAND in that comfortably at all times.

We’re both classic introverts.

That doesn’t make us shy, intimidated, quiet or reclusive.

It just means that after 32 hours of intensive exposure to people, we need to be alone.

And quite frankly, because we’re still so stupid in love, our “alone” time involves sexual intimacy.

If you’ve read this far and are thinking “YOU FOOLS!”, you’ve missed the point completely.

There is exactly ONE secret to success that we know.

Be you.


No matter what.

Know yourself at all levels and remain unafraid to actually BE that (no matter the situation).

And for the record…

… The “missed opportunity” wasn’t missed at all.

Absolutely every single person who we could have been “hobnobbing” with at that exclusive gathering has texted, emailed or messaged us to say how unbelievable it was for us to simply stand in ourselves and say “no thank you” to even the most epic of opportunities.

Sometimes, saying “yes” is in your best interest.

Most of the time, saying “no” is the better choice for you.

And sometimes, you should just go have sex with the love of your life…

… Because that’s what serves you most.

Know yourself and stand in the truth of that with 1,000% conviction at all times.

THAT’S how success happens.

Brian & Carrie

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