Are you afraid of Haters?

Are you afraid of Haters?


Are you afraid of Haters?

If you’ve never been criticized for the work you do, chances are you aren’t working hard enough.

Or at very least, you aren’t doing work that really matters.

Hoping to be universally liked is the single greatest error entrepreneurs make.

And it keeps them playing small.

Too small to have much of an impact.

That was our mistake in the past.

We wanted to be liked.



And popular.

But we mistook that for trying to say the things that the majority of people wanted to hear (which is the very definition of “playing small”).

“Liked” is something that happens when you have the guts to say what you feel and what you know other people are struggling with.

“Appreciated” is based on connecting with someone you don’t necessarily know, but who has pain and frustration that you’re able to lessen the burden for.

“Valued” has nothing to do with money and everything to do with being an advocate for people who don’t always have a voice, but desperately need to be heard and understood.

“Popular” isn’t the measure of how many people think you’re cool, but how many people you bug while incessantly rocking their boat.

The “limits” most entrepreneurs have are based entirely on being afraid to use their voice.

To say and do what they really feel needs to be said and done.

But we want you to remember that somewhere, at some point, your voice is going to matter more than anything else to someone.

Your words are going to change their world.

Your unspoken understanding of their fear, anxiety and dread is going to cause them to stand up and do what they always thought was impossible before they heard what you had to say.

Speak to them.

In everything you do.

Yes, for every one of those people their may be four who criticize what you have to say.

But that one person…

… You changed their life.

Maybe even saved it.

That’s worth every criticism you have or will ever receive.

Brian & Carrie

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