Accountability, Habits & Goals

Accountability, Habits & Goals


Accountability, Habits & Goals

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How to become your own ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER and achieve the goals you set.

Fact is, “accountability” is considered 85% of the success equation.

Meaning, in the absence of accountability, your potential for success in achieving the goals you set drops by 85%

This “Accountability Tracker” process is something we developed for our own private clients.

And it works beyond belief.

In part, because it’s just so simple.

Also, because it helps you build the required HABITS needed for you to actually achieve those goals.

AND… It works under our system of “65% compliance”.

Which means there is NO “pass or fail”.

Just progress.

Easy to monitor progress that gets you going and keeps you going.

In this video, we show actual examples and test cases of our “Accountability Tracker” system.

Achieving the goals you set is about to get WAY more simple for you…

Brian & Carrie

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