A Holiday Lesson that Changed Us…

A Holiday Lesson that Changed Us…


A Holiday Lesson that Changed Us…

Christmas Day for us involved some pretty weird things.

An airport.

Cancelled flights.

Carrie being called an @ss&ole by a car rental representative.

An unexpected 6-hour drive.


… One of the most beautiful Holiday experiences we’ve ever had.

What we learned on Christmas Day this year is something we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives.

So will our kids.

Because they were with us.

They experienced it all.

And they learned as much as we did.

We have a question for you (and a point)…

… What is the most powerful, valuable lesson you’ve ever learned over the Holidays?

And we truly want to know.

Because this coming Friday (January 6th) we’re going to tell you all about our experience.

How it changed us.

How we grew from incredibly unexpected circumstances.

We would LOVE you to join us LIVE this Friday on “Brian & Carrie – In the Morning”.

And PLEASE…. Tell us about your greatest Holiday lesson.

(Just hit reply to this email and write us a short, personal note).

Do that and join us LIVE this Friday at 10:00 am (EST).

We just may mention you and your story!!

You can catch us LIVE on our “Brian & Carrie” page on Facebook >>>  http://www.brianandcarrie.live/BGC2LiveFB

Hit reply now, tell us your best Holiday lesson and come see us LIVE this Friday.

Cannot WAIT!

Brian & Carrie

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