A comment about Donald Trump…

A comment about Donald Trump…


A comment about Donald Trump…

Trump or Hillary?

Want our opinion?

It’s simple really.

We’re not excited about either one of them.

And we see both their negatives as much higher than their positives.

But this post isn’t about either of them.

It’s about you.

Because our society has an incredibly baffling way of falling into the “savior complex” every single time an important election comes around.

For many people – MANY more than even likely realize – the question really isn’t about who they prefer…

… It’s about who they think will save them.

Save them from the immense challenges of their lives, that they often incorrectly blame elected officials for.

Case in point.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the average American home is strapped with nearly $7,500 in credit card debt.

The Huffington Post showed in 2011 that 23% of Americans owed more money on their mortgages than their homes were actually worth.

Hell, in Nevada, 66% of homeowners could sell the homes they live in and still not have enough money to pay off their mortgage.

Is this election important?


Is the state of world and economic affairs much more complex than we’ve made it here?


But PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY absolutely MUST enter the equation at some point.

Unless or until you look in the mirror and assume accountability for your own life, you can guarantee that no elected official will ever meet the hype and hope you may carry for them.

“Eliminating Your Limits” is about taking accountability for your life.

In every way conceivable.

And there’s more true freedom in those words than any an elected official has ever spoken.

Agree or disagree?

We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.

Brian & Carrie

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