A big time thank you is in order…

A big time thank you is in order…


A big time thank you is in order…

We felt a huge THANK YOU was in order.

Because you stuck around.

This daily diary of ours used to be called “The Art of Inspired Living”.

Then it became “Brian Grasso” (worth noting, that’s because Carrie decided on a really cool whim that she wanted to realize her childhood dream of working in the fashion industry… And so did exactly that!).

After that, we morphed again into the “Mindset Performance Institute”.

Now, we’re “Brian & Carrie” (because after working as a magazine’s Creative Director for a year, Carrie decided to come back into her adult passions).

Through it all, you’ve been receiving messages every week in your email in-box without necessarily knowing who they were from.

Truth is, NO ONE dislikes inbox clutter more than we do…

… But here you are.

Giving us the honor of frequenting your in-box no matter how we’ve opted to “package” ourselves.

Here forward, it’s going to be “Brian & Carrie”.

You can bank on that.

Consistent, simple messages that are going to teach and inspire you to eliminate the limits in your life.

So thank you.

With more sincerity than you know.

Because we don’t take your patience with our changes for granted.

We’d love you to see our backstory.

See it, feel it and understand why we do what we do.

And why it’s never going to deviate again.

Have a quick read (and it really is quick), but it’s so going to help you start the process of eliminating the limits that keep you stuck in life >>> http://bit.ly/2dkiRSG

Brian & Carrie

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