7 simple lessons for money and love

7 simple lessons for money and love


7 simple lessons for money and love

We started our relationship 7 years ago this week.

In those 7 years, we’ve created a successful business, happy life and storybook romance.

These are the 7 lessons we learned in 7 years to make that happen…


7 years ago, our relationship started with honest and expressive emails.

It evolved into blissful phone calls that extended to the wee hours of every morning.

Living more than 700 miles apart, we fell in love with each other’s voices, the nakedness of real connection and a sobering purity that can only be found when physical touch isn’t possible.

But to this day, communication remains our most cherished form of intimacy.

We talk for an hour every morning.

Teaching each other what we learned during our own respective morning study.

Talking about our individual and collective goals.

Sharing the truest parts of our emotions on any given day.

Our evening’s end in virtually the exact same manner.

Discussing our triumphs and joys over the past 12 hours and reminding each other how much the love that brought us together against unlikely odds still pulses deeply.

Talk to your wife.

Your husband.

Your business partner, staff, coach, friend and colleague.

Learn to formalize what has become too informal and too irregular in our world.

The worth of your business, your health and your relationship is directly tied to the worth of your conversations.  Likely, so much more than you realize.


Falling in love is easy.

We fall in love with people.

With pets.

With dreams.

With ideas.

With plans.

And with hope.

But the true test of love is whether or not you’re willing to do what’s necessary to make that love successful.

Falling in love is easy… Creating a relationship is not.

Having ideas is easy…  Turning those ideas into actions is not.

Dreaming of the outcome is easy… Doing the daily work of making that outcome happen is not.

Lust is when you get excited about doing, being or having something.

Until the time comes when you actually have to work to do, be or have.

And then it becomes a cumbersome pain in the ass.

That wasn’t love.


Your life runs in a cycle.

So does your business.

Your fitness.

And even your relationship.

Too many people want “it” all right now.

And maybe more than waiting “it” right now, they want to keep “it” once they have it.

Nothing in this world is linear and so we should stop playing the game like a bunch of amateurs.

Sometimes, you have to invest.





And during that investment cycle, the payoff may not be a lot.

But every cycle turns.

Soon enough, the investment cycle becomes a harvest cycle.

And all of a sudden, money flows.

Freedom is gained.

The fat just seems to melt away.

Just don’t forget…

… You need to invest again.

This time, at a higher level.

Because that’s what keeps the cycle working.


They all matter.

More than you think.

And likely more than you’re doing right now.


People all get the right to choose for themselves.

Sometimes, that choice sucks for you.

But that doesn’t mean you should ever intervene on their right to make it.

People love to quote Ghandi, but then use Facebook to tell people what they’re doing wrong.

The best, simplest and most REAL way of finding –

Real Friends

… Is to actually be the change.

People gravitate towards people who make them feel good.

So make people feel good.

But stop trying to tell them they suck.


You must be grateful for what you are, what you’ve done and what you have.

But you should also imagine what you want more of.

Exercise your imagination.

Understand that as you think, so it becomes.

And use that awareness well.

Too many people shun other people for saying that they want more out of life.

You SHOULD want more out of life.

You MUST want more out of life.

Life continues to GIVE to those who SEEK.

Proudly standing atop a mountain and SHOUTING that you want more, DOESN’T mean you’re unhappy with what you have.


7 years ago, I was CEO of a youth-fitness education company.

Carrie was a Clinical Counselor.

I became a Spoken Word Artist.

She became a model.

I then became a screenwriter.

She then became a fashion industry executive.

Have fun and stop taking everything so seriously.

Let life flow and flow with it.

You don’t have to know what you’re capable of.

Just that you’re fully capable.

Don’t allow yourself to accept any labels, definitions or characterizations of what you are or are supposed to be.

Brian & Carrie

P.S. – Which one of these “7 Lessons” did you like or resonate with most?  Tell us below…

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