6 simple steps to enhance your business

6 simple steps to enhance your business


6 simple steps to enhance your business

We were VERY unsuccessful in business.

Now, we’re not.

And these are the 6 things that changed it all for us.


We played small for many years because we kept telling ourselves that we “didn’t know how”.  

Everything changed the day we decided to start each and every day of our lives with 90 minutes of learning about business strategies, systems and methods.  That quickly evolved into adding even more time to the task of implementing what we were learning.

Make the decision to stop bullshitting yourself.  Maybe you “don’t know how”… But you can learn.


If you want to be successful, you simply must decide to invest in that success.

While we agree that there are WAY TOO MANY UNDER-QUALIFIED BUT OVER-HYPED business coaches out there, that doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bath water.  

Our business lives changed forever when we took the plunge and stopped treating our business like a hobby.


Not a surprising comment coming from us, but that shouldn’t make it any less powerful for you.  

Most entrepreneurs we work with DON’T lack knowledge, DON’T lack motivation, DON’T lack hustle and DON’T lack ambition.

But they DO lack a belief in themselves.

Understanding who you are and then eliminating your mental and emotional limits is ESSENTIAL in the pursuit of success.


Business success for us was akin to throwing a massive amount of poop at a wall and hoping something would stick.  And that never works.

You must streamline your efforts, energy and focus.  And you must do so with a long-game in mind.  Figuring out how you’re going to make money this month or getting excited about every new idea you have IS NOT being an entrepreneur.  It’s being a hobbyist.

Unsuccessful entrepreneurs do too many things and get sidetracked too easily.  

EVERY entrepreneur has GREAT ideas, but EVERY entrepreneur likes the romance of the vision and dream WAY MORE than they like the reality of the journey.  

You have too many oars in the water… Take most of them out.

(5) HOW > WHY > WHO

How is important.

And yes, why is important too (even though that book made people think it’s more important than it actually is).

Because THE most important thing is “WHO”.

Your health, mindset and emotional stability are the most important factors in the success paradigm.  And please, don’t line us up a series of men and women who make MEGA MONEY, but are fat, unhappy or near dead as “proof” of the contrary.

These days, we wake up at 5 am.  We spend the first 90 minutes of our day learning.  We spend an hour with our kids before sending them off to school.  And then spend 60 minutes working on our own mindset process before going to the gym.

We don’t actually start “working” until 11:30 or 12:00… But are more efficient, systematized and effective in the time we do spend at work than most people we know.

We’re not glorifying indifference or lack of effort, though.  Success takes HARD WORK and DISCIPLINE.  But the journey is so much easier and more productive when you make YOU a priority.


Sure, we may take some crap from the “anti-manifestation” people for this one.

But this has nothing to do with the nonsense that most people teach and talk about when they pretend that they don’t actually work for a living, even though they live in million dollar homes (i.e. the manifesters).

The unconscious mind is incredibly powerful.  Much more powerful than most realize.

And while most everyone loves to shout “TAKE ACTION”, your unconscious is the control center for HOW you take action.

Most entrepreneurs don’t believe in themselves fully (which is why they don’t succeed).

They lack internal worth and usually carry a limiting self-identify.

Thoughts act on our already biased belief system and create emotion.

Those emotions drive our expectation and actions.

Which means if you’re walking around with an unconscious story every day that says “I’ll never make it”, “I don’t know how to do this” or “When am I going to get lucky and finally succeed”, odds are your emotions completely coincide.

Which means you feel angry, frustrated, defeated and jealous.

Your actions will be in sync with those emotions.

Simply put…. You won’t succeed with that kind of mental-emotional profile.

We learned to spend time looking at things not as they were, but as we wanted them to be.

And that changed everything about what we thought, saw and felt on a daily basis.

Truth is, we could go on.

But won’t (for now).

Those 6 things changed our business life forever.

And we just felt like sharing them with you.

Brian & Carrie

P.S. – Which one of these points resonates most? Tell us below.

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