5-Steps to Declutter Your Life

5-Steps to Declutter Your Life


How to De-Clutter and De-Stuff Your Life in 5-Simple Steps…

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7 years ago, we became Minimalists.

And quite honestly, until we did, we had NO IDEA how much “stuff” we had, how much money we wasted or how much life freedom we were missing.

A 5-bedroom house (that we didn’t nearly use all of).

Closets and drawers FULL of clothing.

Toys for our kids EVERYWHERE.

4 complete sets of dinnerware.

We had “stuff”.

Just like most people.

We became Minimalists not for political, environmental or religious reasons, though.

Simply because we came to realize how much “stuff” created a bottleneck in our life.

An energetic, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional bottleneck.

Which dramatically and directly impacted our freedom, our finances and our happiness.

We created 5-Steps to live by… And they changed our world (in EVERY WAY) –

(1) 1 Toy In, 1 Toy Out
(2) Establish Guidelines
(3) Be Solution Centric
(4) Attachments Aren’t Real
(5) Create a Plan

And those 5-Steps were all we needed.

Us and our two kids can fit EVERYTHING we own into 4-suitcases.

We can move in (literally) 25 minutes.

That may not be the kind of freedom you want for your life, but don’t mistake just how powerful those 5-Steps are in terms of saving you THOUSANDS of dollars and decreasing your attachment to “stuff”.

Brian & Carrie

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