4-Steps to Teaching Your Kids About Money

4-Steps to Teaching Your Kids About Money


53% of people hate the job they have.

85% say that they aren’t engaged by their job at all.

For us, those are sobering and scary statistics.

But not because we’re in those statistics ourselves…

… Because we’re parents.

And don’t ever want our kids to be part of that unhappy, unfulfilled herd.

Starting at a very young age, we taught our kids about money.

How to earn, save, invest and use it.

Now, at the age of 12 and 14, our kids have investments of their own, an abundance of spending money that they know how to track AND a savings fund they add to weekly.

In truth, their financial health AND financial knowledge exceeds most adults we know.

All because we created a 4-step process that we taught them –

(1) Account
(2) J.O.B
(3) Invest
(4) Entrepreneurialism

We’re happy to share this system with you.

Either so you can teach it to your kids, or because you want to learn about needs, wants and wealth creation for yourself…

… Our complete video is below!

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