3 Enemies In Your Head That Keep You Stuck

3 Enemies In Your Head That Keep You Stuck


Getting unstuck is all about shedding the “masks”…

… And this video teaches how to do exactly that.

OK… A couple of serious questions for you.

(and you can be completely vulnerable because no one needs to know the answer but you)

Do you ever project an image of “happiness” and “success” to the outside world, but inside, feel terrified of failure and experience more moments of sadness and uncertainty than you ever admit?

Do you feel as though you can’t cope with life sometimes, blame other people or situations for your lack of success and often look for someone to “rescue” you from things that you don’t really understand?

Do you pretend that nothing bothers you, that you couldn’t care less what other people think and portray yourself as a “badass” when, in reality, you don’t handle conflict well, feel shaky when someone confronts you and know that your “hard exterior” is really just covering up your insecure underbelly?

If you answered “yes” to anything above…

… Welcome to life.

Because we ALL feel this way sometimes.

And please meet the 3 enemies in your head that hold you back –

The Pretender
The Failure
The Rebel

Each of us wear one of these masks during our lifetime (sometimes, for our ENTIRE lifetime) and they are the single greatest reason we feel STUCK.

Brian & Carrie

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